W3C Disability Access

This site provides facilities to access People with Disabilities (PWDs).

A) The Blind;

Get IE Page Reader here.

1. Before you can use this component, you must download MS Speech API. If you use Windows2000, most likely you have your system components.

2. You also need at least one Speech engine. Speech engine is a "voice" of a man or woman, who will speak in English or languages ​​lain.Untuk further instructions for using this component, please click here.

B) The Colour Blind;

For color blind users, there are several color options in the space provided on each Web page of the Advisory Board. Users can select a color from the color selection is given and the template color of the Advisory Board Web Site will change immediately.

C) The elderly;

For older users, the Advisory Board Web Site is providing different text sizes. Text size option is displayed in columns on each page of the Advisory Board Web Site. Users can choose whether to select the text size larger or smaller, as appropriate.