Advisory Board’s Website

This website aims to disseminate information about the Advisory Board, Prime Minister’s Department to the community, especially to the knowledge of civil servants. Description of function and role of the Advisory Board is very important, so that misunderstandings and assumptions that are baseless about preventive laws can be clarified. The role of the Advisory Board which has now reached the age of 52 years in implementing the obligation under the Federal Constitution is not really known to the community. The Advisory Board will maximize any possible means, with limited resources and space to provide information and explanations about its function and role, so that the community will have the awareness and knowledge of the actual position of the preventive laws.

Advisory Board was established under Article 151 of the Federal Constitution, and has jurisdiction over the following law -

I. Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985.

In line with the slogan "People First, Performance Now", the Advisory Board felt that awareness and knowledge about the existence and significantly Advisory Board in preventive laws should be disclosed. Lack of information on the legal process of the preventive laws has caused confusion and misconception of the public to the laws which have long existed.

Confidence and perceptions of the people is also very important for them to know that the Advisory Board is an independent body that reports directly to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and he would issue orders to the Home Affairs Minister on the arrest made on detainees. With the right confidence and understanding of the Advisory Board, the Advisory Board would be able to carry out its role and function more effectively. This was in line with the expectations of the late Tun Abdul Razak Bin Dato Hussein, of preventive laws in his speech at the end of the presentation of the Bill on the Internal Security Act, on Wednesday, June 22, 1960 at the House of Representatives: -

"Sir, no one can predict the future, history alone can tell; but I am of the firm conviction that if we pass this Bill today our children and grandchildren will be very thankful for our Foresight, our forethought, for taking measures to protect our young nation and our new State and for taking measures to make democracy safe in this country and taking measures to make this country a healthy place for prototypes to live in the years to come."

The Advisory Board will continue to perform its role and functions as intended from the beginning of its birth in 1960 in a just and fair manner to ensure justice, protection and rights under preventive laws are enforced and implemented according to Supremacy of the Constitution and Rule of Law.